Cryogas provides value-added insight on liquid nitrogen dosing applications to your production operations. Our engineers have a wealth of practical LN2 dosing knowledge from hot-fill PET bottles, aluminum cans, and glass to plastic conversions.

We also have experience with a wide variety of products from water to wine; peanuts to pie filling; and ice cream to iced tea. Our systems are easy to operate and can be integrated into new or existing lines.

Find out how Cryogas can help you reduce operating costs, prolong shelf life, improve product integrity, help you reduce your carbon footprint and increase your operating margins.
  • Food & Beverage

    Cryogas provides innovative liquid nitrogen dosing technology for food and beverage, nutraceutical and pharmaceutical industries. Our system dispenses a controlled, measured amount of liquid nitrogen into product packaging just before the final sealing or capping process. The liquid nitrogen instantly vaporizes and expand 700X into gas in the product head space, thus creates a stronger container. This process is also effective in flushing out oxygen, extending product shelve life.

  • Liquid Nitrogen Dosing Capabilities

    Cryogas's liquid nitrogen injection (LN2) systems are used to pressurize or inert delicate product packages. A precise drop of rapidly expanding liquid nitrogen into hot and cold fill lightweight PET packages allows for consistent pressure from package to package and eliminates paneling and palletizing problems. LN2 systems are also used to inert packaged foods reducing the oxygen absorption by the product to extend shelf life and maintain product taste, color and freshness.

  • Pressurization Applications

    A dose of liquid nitrogen is delivered immediately before capping or seaming. The trapped liquid nitrogen quickly vaporizes, pressurizing the container. The container is immediately capped or sealed, trapping the expanding gaseous nitrogen and creating positive pressure inside. In hot fill applications, the nitrogen pressure counteracts the vacuum created when a hot product cools.

  • Inerting

    A dose of liquid nitrogen is introduced seconds before the seamer or capper. The small dose of liquid nitrogen gasifies, 700 times its volume, in the process. The dosed liquid rapidly evaporates into tasteless, olorless, odorless, inert gaseous nitrogen that displaces the oxygen-laden air in the container.

  • Beer Industry

    Cryogas liquid nitrogen injection systems provide a precise drop of rapidly expanding liquid nitrogen to keep dissolved oxygen levels to a minimum in a unique process call LN2 'fobbing'. Either prefill inerting or headspace conditioning - dissolved oxygen is greatly reduced - allowing the product to be consumed with the flavor you intended.

  • Snacks and Softfood Processors

    Processors of nuts and other perishable items also often use LN2 to provide an inert atmosphere in containers. Soft food packages are also pressurized by liquid nitrogen injection to protect the package contents from crushing.

  • Extending Shelf Life

    Inerting packages by means of injecting liquid nitrogen reduces the oxygen content drastically and efficiently , thereby eliminating gas-flushing tunnels. This helps to improve shelf live and preserve taste and colour of your product.

  • Hot Filling Operations

    Liquid nitrogen pressurization is often used in hot filling operations. The pressure introduced as a result of the nitrogen dose compensates for the vacuum conditions created when the hot product cools to ambient temperature.

  • Enabling Thin Packaging

    The rise in non-CSDs has fillers searching for ways to maintain stability in PET (polyethylene terephthalate)or PE (Polyethylene) bottles and thin walled aluminum cans, without the internal pressure from carbonation. These lightweight containers can collapse when stacked in warehouse or when transported by the caseload. One solution is to use liquid nitrogen-dosing systems in both aseptic cold filling and hot filling process.

  • Wine Industry

    Extend shelf life, maintain desired bouquet, color and peak flavor. Just a drop of rapidly expanding liquid nitrogen keeps dissolved oxygen levels to a minimum. Cryogas's complete line of liquid nitrogen injection systems remain frost - free and provide controlled dosing at all line speeds. Extreme precision and accuracy saves downtime and allows you to get the most from you production line.

  • Electronics / Semiconductors

    Cryogas liquid nitrogen system is indispensable to semiconductor customers in saving time and money for the product development using HALT and HASS testing.

    HALT/HASS process is thermal cycling test that requires extremely high turn-down ratio of liquid nitrogen supply to achieve desired temperature downslope gradient. Our VJ pipes and valves are sweat-free and do not frost even after years of service and has been proven successful with industry reference chambers like QualMark and Thermotron.

  • MBE Molecular Beam Epitaxy

    Cryogas design low vapor pressure liquid nitrogen system for critical wafer growing in epitaxy process. This system keeps your MBE cool at -196 deg C? at all time; making it possible to build defect free product layer by layer, thus increasing overall process yield. These systems have been used extensively together with major MBE equipment from RIBER, VEECO and DCA.

  • Cryobiology

    The liquid nitrogen system designed by Cryogas also sustains cryobiology application, fundamentally in cryopreservation. Cryopreservation is the successful preservation of the normal function of cells or tissues by a reduction in temperature below which biochemical reactions take place. Our liquid nitrogen system will ensure that the entire cryopreservation process consistently takes place at below -190 deg C.